Physical Facilities
Health Centre

Sri Venkateswara University Health centre was established in1963.
It is a service Oriented mini-hospital extending free medical service to the

  1. Students

  2. Research Scholars

  3. Employees of S.V.University and their dependent family members
    like parentsand unmarried children

  4. Retired employees and their spouses and

  5. Guested and visitors to the University on various programmes.

The total population covered is about 20,000/-. The average dailyout patient strength of the centre is about 300. The Centre has aone Senior Medical Officer, oneLady Junior Medical Officer and two Junior Medical Officers, who are assisted by paramedical staffmembers. Specialist consultancy services in general Medicines, general sugery, Dental surgery and Opthalmology drawn from the specialists of S.V.R.R. Government General Hispital, Tirupati are available at the Health centre on specified days.

The Centre renders Out Patient treatment, Inpatient tratment with 12 beds, Minor surgical procedures, Antenatal Check-ups and post natalcare, Immunixation, Annual Medical check-ups for students and call duty services. The centre also has a Clinicallaboratory and Bio-chemical laboratory, X-Rays, Dental X-Ray, E.C.G etc., for diagnostic purpose,besides an Aumbulance Van for the transport of the patients. It has proposals to acquire diagnosticequipments like Ultrasound Scanner and Upper gastro-intestinal endoscope.

   Health Centre : 2289360

Working Hours 8.00 A.M. to 12.00 A.M. and 4.00 P.M to 7.30 P.M.
(on all the days of the year)