Quality Policy

Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC)

Prof. T. Gowri Manohar                              Dr. I. Kullayamma
Director                                                Coordinator
Name of the Director : Prof. T. Gowri Manohar

The Activities of IQAC have been taken up after the first visit of NAAC to SV University, Tirupati in 2002. As per the guide lines given by the NAAC the University has been discharging the functions of IQAC by taking assistance from senior faculty members to prepare reports. Prof. N. Prabhakara Rao Department of Physics as the Co-ordinator, prepared AQAR Report for the period of (2002-07). There was no formal infrastructure to accommodate IQAC office at initial stage. Latter the IQAC was accommodated in the administration Building after Prof. N. Prabhakrara Rao became the Vice-Chancellor in November-2008. Prof. K.V.S Sarma discharged the duties as the Co-ordinator, IQAC from 2007 to 2009. Since 2009 onwards Prof. (Mrs). N. Savithramma appointed as the Co-ordinator, latter the designation was changed as the Director as per the UGC norms. The functions IQAC are preparation of reports, students / parents feedback, maintenance of data bases, dissemination of information on quality etc., Specifically the IQAC has computerized most of the routine work and created appropriated data bases, IQAC has been assisting in the preparation of news letter, students hand book, activity diaries, annual reports of the University and conduct of workshops for college teachers on new curriculum. UGC had allocated a grant of Rs. 5.00 lakhs to strengthen the IQAC ( F.No 20-1-2009, dated: July 2009 ) . IQAC also requested UGC for allotment of Rs. 43.00 lakhs in 13th plan budget for various purpose including improvement of programs regarding academic and administrative activities.

IQAC submitting the Bench Marks and Best practices every year to NAAC along with AQAR (Annual Quality Assurance Reports) to NAAC and as well as to UGC through proper channel and also by e-mail. “Students Feedback on teachers” of SV University had been obtaining through online and submitting to the individual faculty to improve their teaching and also to the Vice-chancellor for counseling the teachers those who got lower grades. IQAC has crucial role in improving the quality in teaching, Research and Extention. IQAC also motivating the flexibility of administrative procedures towards the research projects to encourage principal investigators to get more financial grant to the University.

IQAC - Vision

To enhance the quality education in S V University by combination of quality evaluation, promotion and sustenance of Academic and Administrative activities.

IQAC - Mission
Motivation towards
  1. To improve quality of teaching, research, extension and administrative activities
  2. To play the active role in the preparation of performance indicators of faculty.
  3. Designing and maintaining central data of various administrative wings.
  4. To act as nodal centre for statistical information.
  5. Organizing periodical meetings for faculty and students on quality parameters.
  6. Improving the quality of preparation of AQAR Reports
  7. Continuing the unique online submission of Feedback of students on teachers
  8. To organize online examinations (Internal test) of four constituent colleges of SVU
  9. To obtain feedback of students on course programme (syllabus)
  10. To motivate the Teachers, HODs, BOS, Principals, Directors, Co-ordinators regularly to augment teaching quality
  11. To stimulate research environment for promotion of quality publications with high impact factor and ‘H’ Index.
  12. To collaborate all stakeholders of S.V. University
  13. To arrange periodic assessment through various feedbacks from stakeholders
  14. To promote the activities of various wings of academic and Administration
  15. To maintain cordial relationship with society through mega extension programs
  16. To encourage all stakeholders by recognizing their abilities in their concerns

As S.V. University got ‘A’ grade in Reaccreditation by NAAC, IQAC actively involving in various activities to sustain and improve the same for third accreditation by NAAC in the year 2014.

Other information highlighting the IQAC

Since 2009 the IQAC is took the responsibility to publish the News letter of the University at every six months.