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 Quality Policy
Teacher’s Credits Registry

From the Director’s Desk:

Dear Colleagues,

Your contributions to teaching, research and extension have all the time occupied a prime role to project the image of the University. I wish to write the following few lines in this context.

  1. At present, the IQAC is collecting information from teachers on their publications, books authored, conferences attended, foreign visits, projects, Ph.D degrees awarded etc., periodically (twice a year) and process them to make reports.
  2. There is lack of uniformity (in style) in the documents given by various departments – causing difficulty in making meaningful reports.
  3. Every month, the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) on the above items have to be uploaded by the Government of Andhra Pradesh.
  4. This needs a database (not individual documents) so that information can be extracted quickly and correctly.
  5. The Continuous Teacher Credit Registry (CTCR) is a new proposal to implement from now. It provides a facility to faculty members to create a bank of their academic credits throughout the year by simply mentioning the credit achieved in the given format and sending the same to the IQAC which will be registered in the database.
  6. For now, there are 9 different forms available in PDF format which can be downloaded from the link IQAC. The list of forms is given, from which the relevant form can be selected and downloaded. Xerox copies of the form can be used when more than one credit is to be registered.
  7. The filled in form along with the copy of the First Page of the document (Ex: Research Article, Book) may be sent to the Director IQAC and the IQAC will add this credit to the teacher concerned. This would create a database of all achievements (credits of teachers) and help the University in accessing information correctly and in time.
  8. A softcopy of the research article can be mailed to and all such publications will be posted in the university web site (Home page →Research Publications) This helps project the quality and image of research and citations would increase.
  9. The Department Credit is another item which refers to special achievements by the department like SAP grants, CAS status, TEQIP grants, Special Recognitions, Inter Disciplinary projects, Special Book grant, MOUs etc. This is for the entire department and goes in the name of the department instead of individual faculty member.
  10. Very shortly this procedure will also be made available into an on-line system where the teacher can simply upload the relevant information which directly adds to the database.
  11. Monthly report on these credits will be posted in the University Web site.

Faculty members are requested to adopt this system and register their available credits with the IQAC for the period 01-January 2016 till date this method and continue on an experimental basis. On successful implementation, the online-system will be launched.

  S.No   Form   Purpose
1 Form-1 Publications
2 Form-2 Books Authored
3 Form-3 Conferences attended
4 Form-4 New Projects
5 Form-5 Projects Completed
6 Form-6 Ph. D guidance
7 Form-7 Visits abroad on Academic Assignments
8 Form-8 Patents obtained
9 Form-9 Refresher Courses/Workshops
10 Form-10 Seminars Organized
11 Form-11 Department Credits