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 Other Facilities

The University provides several other services and facilities to the students and staff.
A hyperbola shaped magnificent Auditorium located centrally in the campus is, in fact, a tourist attraction. With a seating capacity of 2500, it is a fabulous place for conducting conferences, meetings, functions, cultural activities etc.

Bank Facility

The University has banking facilities with ATM on its campus, besides a regular Post Office. The campus has a modern telecom centre that provides telephone, fax, e-mail and telegraphic services.



Cafes at convenient locations in the campus cater to the tastes of the inmates and visitors alike.



The stores, located near SVU Post Office, deals with a wide range of consumer goods such as provisions, cosmetics, textiles, stationery, LPG etc. required by students and employees. It is the major supplier of consumer goods to hostels attached to the S.V. University, Agricultural College, Veterinary College and all institutions within a radius of 16 KMs to S.V. University. Hon. President : Registrar, SVU
Vice-President : Dr. G. Janakiramaiah
Business Manager : Sri P. Anandaiah
Ph: 2248713 / 2289-370, 2249558 / 2248698, 2249462


Located near the Non-resident Students’ Centre, the Employment Information and Guidance Bureau has been assisting the students in the right choice of courses of study and jobs in consonance with their aptitudes. It was established in 1961 by the Department of Employment and Training, Government of Andhra Pradesh as a part of the National Employment Services. So far, about 42,453 candidates have registered their names in the Bureau.


There is one intemet hub near the mens hostels (F block) with ten computers, with internnet connectivity. The hub is open from 7.00 A.M. to 9.00 A.M. and 4.00 10.00 P. M. on all days except Sundays. The students can utilize this facility out of class hours. (A similar one is available in the women’s hostel)

SERVICES ON THE CAMPUS National Service Scheme (NSS)

Sri Venkateswara University carries rightly the pride for being one of the pioneering institutions in implementing the N.S.S. in the country. It was introduced during 1969-70. Starting with 300 volunteers, it has grown into a mighty programme with about 40,000 Volunteers for regular NSS and special camping programmes.


To promote personality development among students through community service
To instil a sense of discipline among students
To make students physically fit for nation building activities
To direct students, energies to right causes
To acquire leadership qualities and democratic attitude
To practice National integration

NSS Centre

The NSS Bureau and NSS Seminar Hall are located at NSS Bhavan near the Administration Building (Neelam Sanjeeva Reddy Bhavan).

NSS Programme Officers

The NSS Bureau and NSS Seminar Hall are located at NSS Bhavan near the Administration Building (Neelam Sanjeeva Reddy Bhavan).

Admission :

Students who wish to join NSS should apply to the Programme Officer concerned in their respective Colleges

NSS volunteers will have the following activity

.120 hours of service during an academic year
.They have to work on Sundays and evenings to complete this target service.
.One special camp in a year during vacation.
.Volunteers are provided with refreshment whenever they work.

Issue of Certificates

Special Camp Certificates are issued to the volunteers who have been involved in the camp for 10 days with Programme Coordinator’s and Vice Chancellor’s signatures.

Bonafide N.S.S. Certificates are given to volunteers who have been involved in general regular N.S.S. for 2 Years.
For volunteers who attend National Integration Camps, Inter State Camps, Inter Camps on deputation, are given University deputation, are given University certificate by the organizers of the camp. These certificates are given priority II and considered in P.G. admissions.