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Sri Venkateswara University SV University

academics information

The University stands as a testimony to the wisdom and foresight of great visionaries Late Sri Tanguturi Prakasam Pantulu, the then Chief Minister of Andhra and Late Sri Neelam Sanjiva Reddy, to cater the educational needs and aspirations of the people of Rayalaseema area. Here are the academic details for the true multi disciplinary - South India's No.1 University, Sri Venkateswara University.

Student Handbook
Medals / Prizes
Endowment Lectures
  • ACADEMIC CALENDAR FOR Ist & IInd year Degree Courses
    (1,2,3 & 4 Semesters) Academic year 2016-17 under Semester Pattern

      S.No  Schedule of Class work  2016 -17(Academic Year)
    1 Commencement of Class work for III semester of II year Degree courses 16.06.2016 (THURSDAY)
    2 Commencement of class work for First Semester of FIRST YEAR Degree courses 01.07.2016 (MONDAY)
    3 Last date for admission into First year degree courses without LATE FEE 20.07.2016 (MONDAY)
    4 Last date for admission into First year degree courses with LATE FEE 01.08.2016 (WEDNESDAY)
    5 First Internal assessment Examinations for I & III Semesters of Ist & IInd year Degree Courses respectively 19.09.2016 to 27.09.2016 (MONDAY) (TUESDAY)
    6 Submission of Return of Matriculations relating to 2016-17 10.10.2016 (MONDAY)
    7 Dasara Holidays 02.10.2016 to 12.10.2016 (SUNDAY) (WEDNESDAY)
    8 Last date for receipt of Examination Applications from I & III semester students for University end Examinations 17.10.2016 (MONDAY)
    9 2nd Internal assessment Examinations for I & III Semesters of the Ist & IInd year Degree courses respectively 01.11.2016 to 15.11.2016 (MONDAY) (TUESDAY)
    10 Last day of instruction for I & III Semesters 16.11.2016 (WEDNESDAY)
    11 Commencement of I & III semester Practical examinations 17.11.2016 (THURSDAY)
    12 Commencement of I & III Semesters theory Examinations 28.11.2016 to 10.12.2016 (MONDAY) (SATURDAY)
    13 Semester Break 11.12.2016 to 15.12.2016 (SUNDAY) (THURSDAY)
    14 Commencement of II & IV Semester Classes 16.12.2016 (FRIDAY)
    15 Sankranthi Holidays 08.01.2017 to 17.01.2017 (SATURDAY) (TUESDAY)
    16 First Internal assessment Examinations for II & IV Semesters 13.02.2017 to 18.02.2017 (MONDAY) (SATURDAY)
    17 Last date for receipt of Examination Applications Forms from II & IV semester students for University end Examinations 20.02.2017 (MONDAY)
    18 2nd Internal assessment Examinations for II & IV Semester students 01.03.2017 to 08.03.2017 (MONDAY) (TUESDAY)
    19 Dasara Holidays 01.08.2016 (WEDNESDAY)
    20 Last day of Instructions for II & IV semesters 15.04.2017 (SATURDAY)
    21 Commencement of II & IV Semester Practical Examinations 17.04.2017 (MONDAY)
    22 Commencement of II & IV Semester theory Examinations 27.04.2017 to 12.05.2017 (THURSDAY) (FRIDAY)
    23 Semester Break (summer vacation) 13.05.2017 to 11.06.2017 (FRIDAY) (WEDNESDAY)
    24 Commencement of III & V semester Classes 12.06.2017 (MONDAY)
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  • The S.V. University has entered into Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs) with several foreign Universities, national level institutions / labs for providing collaborative research. Linkages Developed with National / International / Academic / Research Bodies

      S.No Memoranda of Understanding (MOU) Date
    1 Dr. K.T. Ramakrishna Reddy, Dept. Of Physics MOU with Northumbira University, UK June/July 2003
    2 Prof. V. Venkataramana Reddy, Oriental Research Institute MOU with National Mission for Manuscripts, New Delhi 24-09-2003
    3 Prof G. Sudarsanam, Dept. of Botany, MOU with Yunnan Academy of Forestry, China 24-11-2005
    4 MOU between SVU, TPT, A.P. and Savannah State University, Savannah, G.A.(USA) 15-12-2005
    5 MOU between the Registrar, SV University, Tirupati and M/s SRAishhTiH Management Solutions, Hyderabad (STMS) 29-12-2005
    6 Prof C.K. Jayasankar, Dept. of Physics MOU between SVU, Tirupati, and UNVERSITA DEGLI STUD I DI VERONA 23-01-2006
    7 SV University, Tirupati MOU with Prithivi Information Solutions Ltd., Hyderabad (PIS) 28-04-2006
    8 MOU between SV University, Tirupati and the National Geophysical Research Institute, Hyderabad (NGRI) 01-05-2006
    9 MOU between SV University, Tirupati, and Central Leather Research Institute, Chennai (CLRI) 01-05-2006
    10 MOU between SV University, Tirupati, and Consumer Affairs, Food & Civil Supplies, Govt., of A.P., Hyderabad 12-05-2006
    11 MOU between Andhra Bank, Hyderabad and SV University, Tirupati 10-06-2006
    12 MOU for Academic Research Cooperation between Blekinge Institute of Technology Karskrona, Bleking, Sweden, and SV University, Tirupati. 29-08-2006
    13 MOU between Indian Institute of Human Rights, New Delhi and Sri Venkateswara University, Tirupati. 19-02-2007
    14 Dr. C. Venkata Rao, Asso.Prof., Dept., of Chemistry, MOU between Sugen Life Sciences, Tirupati and SV University, Tirupati 16-03-2007
    15 MOU between Police Research within Various Universities, Department of Psychology, SV University, Tirupati. 23-05-2007
    16 Prof DVR Sai Gopal, Dept., of Virology, MOU with ICRP Sugen Life Science, Tirupati - Reg. 22-06-2007
    17 MOU between Indian Metrological Department (IMD) New Delhi and SV University, Tirupati and SV University, Tirupati 10-07-2007
    18 Prof G. Sudarsanam, Dept., of Botany, MOU between SV University, Tirupati, and AP Medical Aronatic Plant Board, Hyderabad - Reg. 10-09-2007
    19 Prof. W. Rajendra, Dept., of Zoology, MOU between CLC Bio, Hyderabad - Reg. 22-12-2007
    20 MOU between University of Verona and SVU Prof C.K. Jayasankar, Dept., of Physics, SVU, TPT. 27-02-2008
    21 MOU between the Vice-Chancellor, SV University, Tirupati and St. Laurent Institute Washington, USA 09-05-2008
    22 MOU between Anthropological Survey of India and the Collaboration Institution / Department, Kolkota and SVU, Tpt. 17-06-2008
    23 MOU with South Asia Rural Reconstruction Association (SARRA) Bangalore, SV University, Tirupati. 01-12-2008
    24 MOU Between Honeywell Technology Solutions, Bangalore and SV University, Tirupati. 01-01-2009
    25 MOU Between SV University, Tirupati and Edu Design, Hyderabad. 04-07-2009
    26 Dr. J. Karthikeyan, Dept., of Civil Engineering, MOU Between SV University, Tirupati and Brandenburg University of Technology Cottabus, Germany. 08-05-2009
    27 Prof. Y. Venkatarami Reddy, MOU Between SV University, Tirupati and GE India Technology Centre Private Limited, Bangalore. 16-11-2009
    28 Prof. C.K. Jayasankar, Dept., of Physics, MOU Between SV University, Tirupati and Board of Research in Nuclear Science (BRNS) Mumbai. 20-01-2010
    29 Prof. G. Rajarami Reddy, Dept., of Zoology, MOU Between SV University, Tirupati and DRDO (Govt, of India ) 15-02-2010
    30 Director, SVU Computer Centre, MOU Between SV University and Micro Soft Corporation, USA. 21-04-2010
    31 Prof. D.L. Kusuma, Dept., of Home Science, MOU Between SV University and SPICE Board, Cochin. 01-03-2011
    32 Prof. C. Suresh Reddy, Dept., of Chemistry, MOU Between SV University, Tirupati and CDRI (Central Drug Research Institute) Lucknow 26-03-2011
    33 Prof. MuralidharRao, The Principal, SVU College of Engineering, Tiruapti, MOU Between SV University, Tirupati and SRRS (Solar Radiation Resource Assessment Station ) Hyderabad. 04-05-2011
    34 MOU Between SV University and Electoral Roll Management, Hyderabad. 23-02-2011
    35 Prof. G. Sudarshanam, Dept., of Botany, MOU Between SV University and University of Colombo, Sri Lanka. 27-12-2011
    36 MOU Between Asst. Prof. M. Balaji, Dept., of Bio-Chemistry, SVUCS, SVU and NIN . May. 2013
    37 MOU Between SVU and Sri Maharshi Research Institute of Vedic Technology (SRIVT), Secunderabad (SRIVT). 27-03-14
    38 MOU Between SVU, IIT, Madras( NPTEL) and Seer Akademi. 29-04-14
    39 MOU Between SVU and The Ayodhya Research Institute, yodhya, U.P. 06-02-2013
    40 Between SVU and Erasmundus (BRAVE PROJECT) Agriculture University, Athens – Prof. D.V.R.Sai Gopal, Dept. of Virology). 20-03-2015
    41 MOU Between SVU and Universiti of Malaysia, Kelantan ( Prof. G.Sudharsan, Dept. of Botany). 25-03-2015
    42 MOU Between SVU and CSIR-NEERI (National Environmental Engienering Research Institute ) Nehru Marg, Nagpur 16-04-2015
    43 MOU between SVU and Sujay Biotech Pvt. Ltd., and SVU, Tpt. 2015
    44 MOU between Chittoor NRI’s organization, USA and SVU, Tpt. 2015
    45 MOU between Vennar Group, US (Vennar organic Fertilizer Pvt. Ltd. &Vennar Soft Inc., USA and SVU, Tpt 2015
    46 MOU between Vixta Solutions, LLC (“VixtaSolns” or “Vixta” or other deviation) and SVU, Tpt. 2015
    47 MOU between Ramsoft System Inc., USA and SVU, Tpt. 2015
    48 MOU between Nakhon PathomRajabhat University, Thailand and SVU, Tpt. 2015
    49 Mou between University of Malaysia Kelantan for faculty Exchange Programme. 2016
    50 Mou between Vixta solutions, USA for student exchange programmes and internships. 2016
    51 Mou between Ramsoft systems Inc, USA for training facility at Tirupati. 2016
    52 Mou between Banking University of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam for mutual exchange programmes. 2016
    53 Mou between University Bengkulu, Indonesia for mutual exchange programme. 2016
    54 Moubetween University of New Orleans to offer followship programme for graduate students. 2016
    55 Mou between Chittor NRI’s USA for plantation in rural and urban areas of Chittor district. 2016
    56 Mou between Vennar group, USA is going to launch courses in robotics in Mechatronics. 2016
    57 Mou between International Technical University of Sanjose, USA is going to offer bridge courses. 2016
    58 Mou between StraEd, USA is going to offer masters course in cyber defences. 2016
    59 Mou between global business incubator centre, USA to start-up a business incubator centre to support entrepreneur of SVU Campus. 2016
    60 Mou between CSIR-NEERI, Nagpur has initiated Research Collaborations. 2016
    61 Mou between Sujay Biotech PVT, Ltd, Vijayawada has made Research Collaboration. 2016
    62 Mou between Sujan Life Sciences, Tirupati extended Research Collaboration in Biotechnology. 2016
    63 Mou between Bharath Innovation Labs [P] LIMITED, Hyderabad to establish Digital Technology innovation Centre. 2016
    64 Mou between Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), will conduct placements, workshops and faculty development programs. 2016
    65 Mou between ESF Labs, Vijayawada is going to offer Certification, Diploma, PG Diploma and Master of Science courses in Cyber Security, Digital Forensics, SCADA Security, Smart City Security, Ethical Hacking and Cyber Range. 2016
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    M.A. Adult Education 1. Sri Kanipakapatnam Raghava Reddy Gold Medal
    M.A. Ancient History 1. Chalasani Anjaneyulu Gold Medal
    M.A. Economics 1. Prof.E.M.Naidu Prize
    M.Ed. Education 1. Prof.Venkatarami Reddy Gold Medal
    Physical Education K. Balarami Reddy Memorial cash
    prize for the Individual
    Athletic Champion
    Among Men -1
    Among Women -1
    Smt. Mohanbabu Vidyavathi Prize
    M.A. English 1. Smt.Mohanbabu Vidyavathi Prize
    2. Kotamaraju Rama Rao Prize
    3. Sri S.G. Manavala Ramanujam Prize
    4. Neelam Sanjeeva Reddy Gold Medal
    M.A. Hindi 1. T.A.Purushotham Prize
    2. S.Govindarajulu Medal
    M.A. Human Rights and Duties 1. P.Jain Jewelleries Gold Medal
    LL.M 1. S.Govindarajulu Gold Medal
    M.A. Modern History 1. Nurul Hasan Prize
    M.L.I.Sc 1. Sri Kanipakapatnam Reghava Reddy Gold Medal
    2. Prof.Narravula Guruswamy Naidu Gold Medal
    M.A. Pol.Science 1. T.N.Kaul Prize
    M.A. Public Admn. 1. Agarala Eswara Reddy Gold Medal
    M.A. Philosophy 1. T.Venkatasiva Reddy Prize
    2. T.A.Purushotham Gold Medal
    M.A. Population Studies 1. S.Govindarajulu Prize
    2. Sohanlal Nagda Gold Medal
    M.A. Sanskrit 1. Devara Chetty Venkatapathy Chetty Prize
    2. Lalpet Venkatarathnam Gold Medal
    M.A. Sociology 1. Prof. A.S.N. Murthy Gold Medal
    M.A. Tamil 1. Saint Thiruvalluvar Gold Medal
    2. Saint Ramalinga Swamigal Gold Medal
    M.A. Telugu 1. M.A.Subba Rao Prize
    2. Sathyavathi Sarma Prize
    3. Pingali Lakshmikantham Prize
    4. Padminikantha Prize
    5. Thikkavarapu Rami Reddy Gold Medal
    6. Damodaram Sanjeevaiah Gold Medal
    7. C. Goinda Raju Gold Medal for Best Ph.D. in Telugu


    M.Sc. Anthropology 1. Vennalaganti Raghavaiah Prize
    MSc. Bio-Chemistry 1. Nuthakki Dasaradharami Reddy Prize
    M.Sc. Botany 1. Korini Venkatagiri Prize
    2. Gosala Rajeswara Rao Prize
    3. Ganjam Venkataramaiah Prize
    4. Robert Paul Sachurnan Prize
    5. Putchala Mallikarjuna Swamy Gold Medal
    M.Sc. Chemistry 1. Prof. R.P. Schuman Prize
    2. Prof. P.R. Naidu Gold Medal
    3. K. Suryanarayana Murthy Prize
    4. Prof. M.S.R. Naidu Prize
    5. Prof. K. Lakshmi Narayana Prize
    6. Prof. Y. Krishna Reddy Prize
    7. Prof. K. Saraswathi Gold Medal
    M.Sc. Geography Prof. Nalagatla Balakrishna Reddy
    Memorial Gold Medal
    M.Sc. Geology 1. P.R. Jagapathi Naidu Prize
    2. Prof. M.G. Chakrapani Naidu Prize
    3. Prof. M.S. Murthy Prize
    M.Sc. Home Science 1. Home Science Silver Jubilee Prize
    2. Komi Narayanamma Prize
    3. Sogala Ramasivayya Venkataramaiah Gold Medal
    4. Mrs. Anna Mathews Gold Medal
    5. Home Science Silver Jubilee Gold Medal
    6. D.M. Pearson Gold Medal
    7. Tatineni Prabavathi Gold Medal
    8. Mary Clarke Memorial Bursary
    9. Prof. DM. Pearson Memorial Bursary II
    M.Sc. Mathematics 1. Damodaram Sanjeevaiah Gold Medal
    2. Gurramkonda Venkataswami Naidu Prize
    3. K. Suryanarayana Murthy Prize
    4. Lord Rayleigh Prize
    5. Prof. P.V. Arunachalain Prize
    M.Sc. Physics 1. Uppalapati Anjaiah Prize
    2. Prof. P. Jayarama Reddy Gold Medal
    3. Late Prof. J. Bhimasenachar DAE Solid State
    Physics Symposium 1992 Gold Medal
    4. Late Prof. S.V.J. Lakshman's Prize
    5. Prof. S.V.J. Lakshman Rao Gold Medal
    6. Seetha Gopalakrishrta Prize
    7. Smt. Suseela Sreeramamurthy Gold Medal
    8. K. Sreerarnamurthy Sashtyabdhapoorthi
    Gold Medal
    9. Prof. B.P. Nagireddy Book Prize
    10. Prof. Y. Prabhakara Reddy Gold Medal
    11. Late Prof. Doddannagari Raja Reddy
    Memorial Gold Medal
    12. Prof. J. Lalcshmana Rao Gold Medal
    13. Prof. B. Krishnamma Gold Medal
    M.Sc. Psychology 1. Raja of Panagal Ramarayani Varu Prize
    2. Smt. Lakshmi Sirisha Rani Gold Medal
    3. Sri Punnuru Ramana Reddy Gold Medal
    4. Prof. Rallapalli Rama Murthy Gold Medal
    M.Sc. Statistics 1. Prof. M.P. Sastri Prize
    2. Senadi Govindarajulu Gold Medal
    M.Sc. Virology 1. Smt. & Prot Malapati Venkataraman
    Naidu Prize for First Rank Student
    M.Sc. Zoology 1. Smt. Vayuvegula Kameswari Devi Prize
    2. Padmanabhuni Narasimham Chetty Prize
    3. Prof. Kanakapalli Indira Sriram Gold Medal
    4. Prof. K. Sasira Babu Gold Medal for best thesis


    M.Com. 1. Perla Papaiah Chetty & Bros. Gold Medal
    2. Andhra Bank Limited, Gold Medal
    3. Akkineni Nageswara Rao Gold Medal
    4. Puvvada Sathyavathi Mruthyanjaya Prize
    5. Nuthakki Lakshminarayana Prize
    6. Karlapudi Balagurappa Chetty and
    Andalamma Memorial Gold Medal
    Management Studies
    1. Prof. N. Chandrasekhar Gold Medal
    2. Late Plum Venkata Sravan Gold Medal
    Sint. P. Anjali Devi Gold Medal
    MCA . Pelala Venkata Subbaiah Memorial Prize


    The following prizes and Medals are instituted in SVU College of Engineering

    lst.B.Tech 1. Nagamma Subba Reddy Prize B.Tech. (Civil)
    2. Mallimadugula Seshamma Prizes B.Tech
    3. Ivatury Prizes
    B.Tech. (Mech.) 4. Harshul Jayant Dalai Prizes
    B.Tech. 5.Jayaprakash Narayan Memorial Prize
    B.Tech. (EEE) 6. R. Navaneetha Krishnan Prize B.Tech.
    7. P.V. Krisluiaiah Chowdary Prize B.Tech. (ECE)
    8. R. Viswanath Memorial Prize
    M.Tech. 9. Sri Arekapudi Ramanadham Chowdary& Sint. Ponanu-na Endowment Prize
    B.Tech. (Chem.) 10. Prof. Nayudamma Award
    B.Tech. (Chem.) 11. Miss K. Karuna Memorial Prize
    B.Tech. (EEE) 12. Dr. Gopichand & Smt. Akkamma Prize
    B.Tech 13. Smt. Alamelanuna and Sri Venkateswara Kasthuri
    Endowment Educational Scholarships
    B.Tech 14. R.C. Rathi Memorial Scholarships
    B.Tech. 15. Dr. Y. Dhanalakshmi Ramakrishnan Prizes
    B.Tech. 16. Prof B. Swamy Memorial Prize
    B.Tech. 17. Prof. G. Ramakrishnan Cash prize
    18. The Alumni Association of SVUCE Hyderabad Chapter has instituted the following Scholarships
    B.Tech. * (a) Sri L.K. Rama Murthy Raju Scholarship
    B.Tech. (Mech.) (b) Sri T. Subba Rayudu Scholarship
    B.Tech. (Mech.) 19. Late Sri Pedda Venkaiah Scholarship Instituted by Dr. C.R. Prasad
    B.Tech. (EEE) 20. Sri Chennuri Chenga Reddy & Sint. Chennuri Kamalamma Scholarship, instituted by Sri C. Gopala Reddy
    B.Tech. (Chem.) 21. Sri Rallapalli Manoj Scholarship Instituted by
    Sri Ananthayya
    B.Tech. (Civil) 22. Sri K. Krishnaiah & Smt. Ratnamma Scholarship instituted by Sri K.V. Ramanaiah
    B.Tech. (Civil) 23. Sri S.V. Narayana and Smt.Thirumalamma Scholarship instistuted by their son Sri S.V.K. Gnaneswar
    B.Tech. " 24. Mrs. Anupama (USA) Scholarship, instituted by the daughter of Sri S.V.K. Gnaneswar

    * Income basis ' Girl student and income basis

  • List of Endowment Lectures Present Principal Rs. Interest accrued per year Last Conducted
    T. Prakasam Panthulu & S. Govindarajulu Endowment Lecture41,301/-3.077/-28-03-2000
    Rebala Lakshmi Narasa Reddy Endowment Lecture31,529/-2,349/-21-03-2003
    Sri Venkateswara Endowment Lecture8,595/-640/-2/9/1999
    Sri Jalagam Vengala Rao Endowment Lecture22,164/-1,651/-31-08-1999
    Sri Lalpet Venkatarathnam Endowment Lecture33,419/-2,490/-23-07-1999
    BVSS Mani Endowment Lecture10,000/-745/-23-09-1999
    Tallam Pullanna Gupta Endowment Lecture33,800/-2,518/-5/10/2006
    Telugu Literary & Cultural Association Metropolitan New York Endowment Lecture29,000/-2,160/-April, 2000
    SDRSI Endowment Lecture35,700/-2,659/-1/11/1995
    Sri Damodaram Sanjivaiah Endowment Lecture33,300/-2,481/-23-10-2004
    Dr. C.R. Reddy Endowment Lecture50,000/-3,725/-14-09-2006
    N. Subbureddiar & Sint. Sellapapa Ammal Endowment Lecture46,317/-3,450/-27-08-2007
    Sathyabhama Ramaswamy Reddiar Endowment Lecture9,000/-670/---
    Dr. M.Varadarajan & Prof. G.N. Reddy Endowment Lecture42,058/-3,133/-21-12-2000
    Terla Venkateswara Endowment Lecture42,058/-3,133/-21-12-2000
    Prot G.N. Reddy Endowment Lecture78,000/-5,811/-23-12-2008
    Prof. Sowrirajan Students Endowment Lecture in September 2014 (First Time)29,000/-2,160/--
    Dr. Govinda Reddy N. Nagarathnamma Endowment Lecture1,35,000/-10,057/-7/12/2002
    T.V. Rajagopal Endowment Lecture3,550/-264/---
    Dr. K. Rajeswari Murthy Endowment Lecture13,807/-1,029/---
    Dr. Dasari Narayana Rao Endowment Lecture1,44,500/-10,765/---
    A.P.S.E.B. Endowment Lecture25,25,517/-1,88,138/---
    A.V.A.S.C. Foundation Endowment Lecture57,100/-4,254/-
    Prof. C. Ramaiah Endowment Lecture57,100/-4,254/-
    Prof. G.J.V. Jagannadha Raju Endowment Lecture50,000/-3,725/-18-03-2010
    Prof. K. Sarvothama Rao Endowment Lecture81,500/-6,071/-26-12-2008
    Sint. Mangamma & Sri Mokkala Krishna Reddy   
    Endowment Lecture75,000/-5,587/-23-11-2008
    Smt. Dandu Subhashini Endowment Lecture50,000/-3,725/-12/11/2008
    Prof. P. Mural Endowment Lecture75,000/-5,587/---
    Smt. Rajeswari Ramamurthy Endowment Lecture50,001/-3,725/-23-08-2006
    Prof. Sonti Dakshina Murthy Endowment Lecture47,800/-3,561/--
    Prof. Jasthi Suryanarayana's Endowment Lecture1,50,000/-7.25%--
    Prof. Jakkampudi Mtmirathnam Endowment Lecture1,50,000/-7.25%--
    Sri C.D. Naidu and Arcot Lakshmi Kanthanuna   
    (Parents of Prof. C.R. Rao) Endowment Lecture3,00,000/---To be conducted in september 2014 ( First Time)

    Several Scholarships are offered to support and encourage students pursuing Post Graduate Courses. Welfare Scholarships

    IL Merit Scholarships

    III. Endowment Scholarships A. First Year Students

    1 Sri Vidyaprakash Scholarship First year P.G. merit-cum-income basis
    2 Sri N. Balarami Reddy Scholarship In University College / Affiliated College in the first year M.A. / M.Sc. / M.D. /M.Ed. / M.E. by rotation, all round character merit-cum-income basis
    3 Sri Akkineni Nageswara Rao Scholarship First year, Arts and Science students based on Merit-cum-income basis
    4 Sri R.G. Rathi Memorial Scholar First Year, M.Com./M.Sc. merit-cum-income basis
    5 Sri T.A. Purushotham Merit Scholarship First year, M.A. Philosophy or M.Sc. Psychology merit-cum-income basis
    6 Psychology Study Circle Scholarship First year, M.Sc. Psychology merit-cum-income
    7 Sri Kotta Suryanarayana Scholarship First year, M.A. Telugu and Philosophy merit-cum-income basis
    8 Syndicate Bank Golden Jubilee Scholarship in M.Corn. First year, M.Com. Students based on highest marks
    9 Jatle Yellarayya and Ambammal Scholarship M.Com.
    10 Prof. Damodaram Memorial Scholarship P.G. Student in Tamil or Research Scholarship in Tamil (with preference to P.G. Student)
    11 Prof. D.M. Pearson Bursary Memorial Scholarship M.Sc. Horne Science first year highest aggregate marks among three branches
    12 Prof. S.Ramachandra Rao Merit Scholarship First year M.Sc. Physics merit-cum-income basis
    13 Prof. Philomena Rayappa Reddy Scholarship M.Sc. Home Science

    B. Final Year Students

    14 Rastriya Sankrit Samsthan Merit Scholarship For Students and Research Scholars in Sanskrit
    15 Smt. Radhabai Madhava Rao Patrtakar Scholarship For Sanskrit Students
    16 Dr. M.Varadarajan Memorial Scholarship M.A. (Tamil) Students
    17 Sri D.V.G. Rama Rao Scholarship Outgoing student, merit, character and contribution to the community life
    18 Dr. K. Suryanarayana Murthy Memorial Scholarship Final year, M.Sc. Chemistry, Specializing in Physical Chemistry based on merit-cum income
    19 Prof. K. Neelakantam Scholarship Final year M.Sc. Chemistry, highest marks in first year
    20 Smt. Anasuya and Lakshmi Venkateswara Scholarship (2) Final year, M.A. / M.Sc. all-round character, hard work and commendable qualities

    IV. Special Scholarship

    A For women only
    Sri S. Govindarajulu Scholarship First year P.G. merit-cum-income
    Smt. Thapi Annapumamma Scholarship First year M.A. Telugu highest marks in qualifying examination
    B For Harijan Students only Damodaram Sanjeevaiah Scholarship First rank in M.A. Telugu/ M.Sc. Mathematics
    C For Chittoor District Native Chittoor District Co-op. Marketing First year MSc Chemistry, Grade-I, H merit-cum-income basis
    D For Sports Ten Sports merit scholarships of cash prizes each of Rs. 500

    RULES AND REGULATIONS FOR SCHOLARSHIPS To receive any scholarship a student has to put in compulsorily 75% of attendance. University endowment scholarship will be sanctioned by university authorities as per the eligibility conditions laid down Scholarships by government, research organizations and other agencies will be awarded as per the rules stipulated by them. Submission of application for a scholarship does not guarantee the award of scholarship. The University is only a forwarding authority. It is in no way responsible for the award or otherwise of the scholarship.

    A. Rules and regulations stipulated by the Government for the award of SC scholarship include

    The Head of the Institution should get all the conditions fulfilled before the payment of scholarship is made.

    B. Government of Andhra Pradesh Post-Metric Scholarship for students who belong to Economically Poor Persons Category: Candidates, who after passing one stage of P.G. education are not eligible for scholarship when they join for another P.G. Course studying in a different subject, e.g. M.A., in one subject after M.A., in another subject, will not be eligible. Candidates, who after having completed their educational career in the professional line continue professional studies in a different line, e.g. B.L. after B.Ed. will not be eligible,. Students, who are in full-time employment, will not be eligible. However, employed students who take leave without pay for the entire duration of the course and study as full time students will be eligible

    For renewal of scholarship, the student should have been promoted to the next year class of the same course.

    Special Note

    Fellowships/Scholarships for Research Scholars: A. Fellowships Research Fellowships (junior and Senior) and Young Scientist Awards for research Scholars offered in all disciplines by the following agencies.

    Fellowships from Indo-China and South Pacific Studies In the Centre for Studies on Indo-China and South Pacific, three Junior Fellowships and one Senior Fellowship are available for research on topics relating to the States of Indo-China. B.Endowment Scholarships 1. Mary Clarke Memorial Bursary for Ph.D. Research Scholar in the Dept. of Home Science Conditions to receive Scholarships 1.To receive any scholarship, the student has to put in compulsorily 75% of attendance. The maximum leave will not exceed the number of days stipulated by the funding agencies which sanction the scholarships. 2.Scholarships will be awarded as per the rules of the awarding Agencies. Hence applying for any scholarship shall not be claimed by the student as a right to get it. Submission of the application for a scholarship does not guarantee the award of scholarship. The University will not be responsible for the award of scholarship. 3.It is binding on the part of the different scholarship holders like SC/ST/LBC/ EPP, etc., to fulfill all the conditions stipulated by the Government/ awarding agencies concerned. Some of the rules and regulations stipulated by the Central Government with regard to SC Scholarship holders and by the Andhra Pradesh Government with regard to EPP Scholarship holders are furnished for the guidance of students.

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Sri Venkateswara University, Tirupati , is established in 1954 in the world famous holy temple town of Tirupati on the sprawling campus of 1000 acres with a panoramic and pleasant hill view.

The University stands as a testimony to the wisdom and foresight of great visionaries Late Sri Tanguturi Prakasam Pantulu, the then Chief Minister of Andhra and Late Sri Neelam Sanjiva Reddy, to cater the educational needs and aspirations of the people of Rayalaseema area. With a great wisdom, the founder of this University have rightly coined the motto Wisdom lies in proper perspective for it.

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