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We’re India’s first Digital University.

For more than 62 years... SV University has been serving the State, Nation & World. SV University was founded on the
principle that by pursuing big ideas and sharing what we learn, we make the world a better place.

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SVU contributes in State & Nation development through capacity building in Arts, Science, Engg Commerce... all these under single roof.

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Driven by curiosity

For more than 62 years... SVU has been building capacity for the State, Nation & World through      54 departments and 72 Programmes.

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SVU has been the home for most innovative people changing course of mankind in almost every segment around the
world since 1954.

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Globally focused

SVU through Digital Education Eco System aspiring to reach nearly every corner of world, to make this world a better place.

About Directorate of Student Welfare and Cultural Affairs

Established in the year 1995, Directorate of Student Welfare and Cultural Affairs is a non-vacation dept in our University.

Endeavors to promote cultural, emotional national and communal integration in the campus.
Provides an avenue for the expression of literary and artistic creativity and originality among the students, research scholars and faculty.
Aims to inculcate discipline, enhance commitment, develop service motto among the students.
To identify and redress the grievances of the students.
Besides taking care of the developmental, informational and welfare needs of the students in the campus.

Latest Happenings at SVU

SV University is made up of 5 colleges and 16 centers along with vast network of affiliated colleges. Explore the latest events, programs, blogs, photos and videos of university.

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The Alumni Association of S.V.U. College of Arts & Sciences has been in existence since 1958. The students who studied in S.V.U. College of Arts and Sciences, S.V.U.P.G. Centres at Kadapa and Kavali can enroll themselves as members of OSA on a lifetime membership by paying Rs. 110/-. The out-going students can also, after their completion of the course, authorize the Association to claim the refundable Library Caution Deposit, from the Principal of S.V.U. College or the Special Officers, P.G. Centres, in adjustment of the membership fee in the prescribed format. The President of the Association is the Principal of S.V.U. College (Ex-officio) and he is assisted by elected and co-opted body of the Executive Committee. This association creates a sense of belonging among the alumni.

Whenever the alumni visit the college, it is the obligation of the Association to receive them and extend hospitality. It also helps poor boys financially and institutes and organizes endowment prizes, endowment lectures etc. The Alumni Association Office is located in NRSC Building opposite to Srinivasa Auditorium.

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