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Sri Venkateswara University SV University

Men's Hostel

Sri Venkateswara University College Hostels for Men's

About College Hostels for Men

Sri Venkateswara University College Hostels for Men's , There are ten Blocks viz. A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H,I and S. Janardhan Bhavan which accommodate the students and research scholars of the constituent colleges of Arts, Sciences and commerce, Management & Computer Science.
There are four blocks namely Visweswara, Viswakarma, Viswateja and Viswapragathi which will accommodate the students and scholars of SVU College of Engineering.
The hostel rooms are equipped with cots, tables and chairs. Each block is provided with a Television. Apart from these, each block is provided with Telugu and English news paper, competitive news etc., so as to enable the students to prepare for various competitive examinations. During vacation, however, all students should vacate the hostels. No electrical appliances such as heater, electric stove etc., should be used in hostel rooms. A book bank facility is available in the hostels of SVU College of Engineering.

1. Admission
Hostel accommodation is provided to the students who get admission into B.Tech. / P.G. / M.Phil. / Ph.D. /Integrated Courses subject to availability. On showing the fee receipt, the Hostel office will issue application form. The hostel authorities will allot room to the student after all formalities are completed. Each Block is provided with electricity meters and the charges will be shared by the inmates of the respective Blocks.

2.Accommodation & Dining Halls
Admission does not automatically entail accommodation in the University Hostels. Only limited accommodation is available in the University hostels for Men. Admission to hostels will be made as per rules in vogue.
Accommodation cannot be provided in the University hostels to any student who is a native of any area within 20 kms radius of Tirupati.
Hostel accommodation will not be provided to those who wish to pursue another P.G. course or those admitted under self- supporting courses or payment/sponsored category.

Hostel for differently abled students
The following guidelines are adopted for running of blocks and messes w.e.f. the Academic Year 2006-07 for better management, accountability and efficiency.

The blocks and messes are to be re-opened one day before the re-opening of the colleges.
The allocation lists of boarders block-wise will be prepared in advance and displayed prominently at the respective hostel offices.
Admissions will be made on the basis of the actual capacity of the blocks.
In each hostel block, a set of rooms are allocated separately for research scholars, final and previous year boarders,
Three Student Committees are to be constituted for each hostel covering the Resident Block, Mess and Purchases separately. Each Committee will comprise one Ph.D. scholar, one M.Phil. scholar, and two boarders, each of final and previous years. The Purchase Committee will have, in addition to the above composition, two faculty members (other than the present Wardens/Dy.Wardens) from the concerned College. These Committees are nominated by the Chief Warden of the respective hostel. The Committees will be headed by the Warden and are convened by the Dy. Warden. This is applicable for the constituent colleges of S.V.University.
The Mess Committee will (a) decide on the menu; (b) maintain cleanliness in the mess; (c) appoint Food Basis Staff and decide on their wages; (d) will ensure regular and prompt payment of mess bills, and (e) be responsible for the overall and regular running of messes.
The Block Committee will (a) maintain and manage the Blocks and be responsible for the overall upkeep and cleanliness of the Blocks; (a) ensure that no unauthorised residents stay in the hostels; (c) no unsocial/ sectarian activities are organized in the hostels and (d) bring to the notice of the authorities any violation of general discipline in this regard.
The Purchase Committee will have powers to decide on the purchases, necessary for the Blocks and Messes by following established procedures and make payments for the approved purchases. Discipline the residents shall maintain decency, decorum and sense of personal hygiene in the dining ball and in the blocks. Any resident of the hostels is liable for expulsion from the hostels for any misbehaviour, violation of hostel rules or default in payment of mess bills.

Students who have done P.G. earlier and resided in the hostels once are not eligible for thesecond time.
Mess Bill should be paid within 10 days from the date of display of Mess bills on the notice board. A fine of rupees one or two will be levied upto 20 days and thereafter their names will be removed from the Register. After that a Re-admission charge of Rs.110/- will be collected along with the regular mess bills for regularisation of hostel admission.
Students admitted into hostels should always keep their identity card and shall show it whenever the University hostel authorities, Police demand.
Students should stay in the rooms allotted to them by the Hostel authorities. Outsiders should not be entertained in the Hostels. Otherwise their admission into the hostels will be cancelled without prior notice.
Use of Electrical Heaters, Radio, tape recorder, Computers inside the hostels is strictly prohibited.
The Students shall maintain decency, decorum , hygiene in dining hall and use water in bath rooms and latrines and not give any scope for contagious diseases.
No meals or breakfast shall be allowed to be carried outside the dining hall unless specially authorised by the Medical Officer, if the students are sick or otherwise.
Consumption of liquor and alcohol inside the hostel is strictly prohibited. The hostel authorities are not responsible for the action taken by the Police in this regard and such boarders are liable for expulsion from hostels.
Hostel Furniture such as chairs, cots, tables and other electrical appliances damaged by the students, if any, will be repaired/replaced and charges will be collected from the respective students of the room along with their mess bill.
M.Tech. / M.Phil. / Ph.D. Scholars who seek hostel admission should have cleared their mess dues of earlier Courses and enclose the No-Dues certificate along with their application.
Students should vacate the hostels after theory examinations, after obtaining No-.Dues certificate from the hostel authorities and shall produce identity card whenever they receive refund of C.D. amount.
Ragging, eve-teasing, individual attacks are strictly prohibited. Hostel authorities are not responsible for the criminal and other police disciplinary action taken

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SV University is made up of 5 colleges and 16 centers along with vast network of affiliated colleges. Explore the latest events, programs, blogs, photos and videos of university.


Everyone here has really diverse interests and passions. Everyone is doing really awesome stuff.

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Sri Venkateswara University, Tirupati , is established in 1954 in the world famous holy temple town of Tirupati on the sprawling campus of 1000 acres with a panoramic and pleasant hill view.

The University stands as a testimony to the wisdom and foresight of great visionaries Late Sri Tanguturi Prakasam Pantulu, the then Chief Minister of Andhra and Late Sri Neelam Sanjiva Reddy, to cater the educational needs and aspirations of the people of Rayalaseema area. With a great wisdom, the founder of this University have rightly coined the motto Wisdom lies in proper perspective for it.

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