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Sri Venkateswara University SV University


Information Under Section 4(1)(b) For The Right To Information Act 2005

Introduction to organisation expand collapse

Sri Venkateswara University was established on 1st September, 1954. The University has been catering to the higher educational needs and aspiration of the people of Rayalaseema. Christned after the lord of Seven Hills, university was launched with generous help from the Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams.

Mission expand collapse

The mission of the University is to expand the horizons of knowledge through research in various discipline, to develop qualified and competent citizens through Teaching and Training, to lend knowledge and support to various organizations for the effective functioning, to contribute to the creation of a happy and healthy society through fruitful intraction with it, and to participate in the development of the society.

Goals expand collapse

  1. Designing and implementing educational and training programmes of high standards
  2. Promoting research in an environment conducive for exploration, experimentation and expansion
  3. Creating awareness and disseminating knowledge through various media, forum and programmes
  4. Undertaking extension activities, providing consultancy to various organizations for solving there problems and improving there functioning
  5. Organising extra curricular activities to develop sportive skills promote literary and cultural interest, social service, national integration and discipline.

Functions expand collapse

  1. To provide for instruction and training in such branches of learning as it may think fit
  2. To make provision for research extension programmes and for the advancement and dissemination of knowledge;
  3. To confer degrees and other academic distinction of persons who have carries and research under conditions prescribed;
  4. To confer honorary degrees or other academic distinctions on approved persons under conditions prescribed;
  5. To create posts of Professors, Readers. Lecturers and any other teaching posts required by the University and to appoint persons therefore;
  6. To create administrative, ministerial and other posts required by the University;
  7. To acquire and hold property, both movable and immovable, to lease, sell or otherwise transfer any movable or immovable property which may have become vested in or may have been acquired by it, for the purposes of the University and to contract and do all other things necessary for or incidental to the purpose of the University;
  8. To institute, take over and maintain colleges and hostels;
  9. To establish, maintain and manage or to affiliate Honours Colleges, Autonomous Colleges and Post Graduate Centres in any part of the University area outside the University Campus;
  10. To confer autonomy on affiliated Colleges or Post Graduate centres in any part of the University area outside the University Campus;
  11. To transfer any or all the colleges or institutions maintained by the University to the administrative control of the Government on such conditions as it may determine
  12. To erect, equip and maintain laboratories, libraries and museums;
  13. To affiliate or recognize colleges and institutions and to withdraw such affiliation or recognition;
  14. To inspect affiliated and recognized colleges and institutions and to take measures to ensure that proper standards of instructions are maintained in them;
  15. To make grants from the funds of the University to affiliated and recognized colleges and institutions;
  16. To establish, maintain and manage research departments and institutions;
  17. To make special provision for the spread of higher education among educationally backward classes of citizens;
  18. To make special provision for colleges and institutions for women students;
  19. To establish research institutions in any part of the University area whether within or outside the University campus;
  20. To fix fees and to demand and receive such fees and other charges as may be prescribed;
  21. To make grants from the funds of the University for the maintenance of the National Cadet Corps;
  22. To institute and manage
    1. A Department of Publications
    2. An University Press
    3. An Employment Bureau
    4. An Information Bureau
    5. Boards of University Extension
    6. Students’ Unions, University Sports and Athletic Clubs; and other similar bodies and associations
  23. To co-operate with other Universities, educational institutions and authorities in such manner and for such purposes as the University may determine;
  24. Generally to do all such other acts and things whether incidental to the powers aforesaid or not, as may be necessary or desirable to further the objects of the University as a residential, teaching and affiliating University, to cultivate and promote arts, fine arts, sciences, professional studies, technology and other branches of learning and to promote the interests of its students;
  25. To supervise and control the conduct and discipline of the students of the University and its affiliated and recognized colleges and institutions, and to make arrangements for promoting their health and general welfare.

Constituent colleges expand collapse

At present there are four (4) constituent colleges within the campus of the University as detailed below
  1. SVU College of Arts
  2. SVU College of Sciences
  3. SVU College of Computer Management and Computer Science
  4. SVU College of Engineering Each College is headed by Principal and there are Vice-Principals for each College. There are separate Hostels and looked after separately by each college Principal as Chief Warden with Addl. Chief Warden who is one of the Senior Professors.
  5. The other Institutions/Departments and facilities in the campus are
    1. SVU Library
    2. SVU Health Centre
    3. SVU Computer Centre
    4. SVU College Computer Centre
    5. The Directorate of Admissions
    6. The Directorate of Distance Education
    7. UGC-Academic Staff College
    8. Centre for Studies in Peace and Non-Violence and Centre for Gandhian Studies
    9. Centre for Extension Studies
    10. Institute of Advanced Studies in Education
    11. Oriental Research Institute
    12. Pre-Examination Training Centre
    13. UGC- SVU Centre for MST Radar Applications
    14. University Science Instrumentation Centre
    15. Department of Physical Education

Other services expand collapse

The other services available in the campus are
  1. Placement cell
  2. National Service Scheme
  3. National Integration samithi
  4. NCC
  5. SVU University Guest House
  6. SVU Consumer’s Co-operative Stores Ltd.,
  7. SVU Colleges Alumine Associations
  8. SVU Faculty Club
  9. SVU Employment Bureau
  10. Post Office, Telecom Centre with Telephone, Fax, email, and Telegraphic Services
  11. Banking Facilities with ATM (SBI, AB)
  12. Canteens
  13. Coin Phone Facility

The above four constituent colleges have seven faculties – Arts, Sciences, Commerce, Engineering, Education, Law, Oriental Learning and Management with 58 Departments offering 71 Post Graduate Courses, 7 Under Graduate Courses and Certificate Courses.

Affiliated to the University there are 32 PG Colleges, 28 MBA/MCA Colleges, 6 Law Colleges, 29 Colleges of Education, 01 Physical Educational Colleges, 3 Oriental Colleges, one College of Music & Dance, 131 Under Graduate Colleges spread over Chittoor District.

The University has its own Engineering Department consisting of University Engineer, Deputy Executive Engineer, Assistant Executive Engineer, Assistant Engineer and supporting staff to look after various construction activities in the Campus Under Post Graduate Centre as well as for looking after the works relating to sanitation, water supply, Electricity, Gardening and maintained.

Authorities expand collapse

  1. The Executive Council
  2. The Academic Senate
  3. The Faculties
  4. The Boards of Studies
And four such other bodies as the statues may declare to be Authorities of the University.

Officers expand collapse

  1. The Chancellor
  2. The Vice-Chancellor
  3. The Rector
  4. The Principals of the University Colleges
  5. The Registrar
  6. The Finance Officer
And seven such other persons as the statues may declare to be Officers of the University

Officers on Special Duty expand collapse

To carry out the work effectively and for proper coordination in the Administration some senior faculty members are appointed as officers on special duty who are assisting in the day to day functioning. The following are such positions.
  1. Dean College Development Council
  2. Dean University Development
  3. Dean Examinations
  4. OSD to Vice-Chancellor
  5. Financial Advisor
  6. Co-ordinator, Print and Electronic Media
  7. Director Examinations
  8. Director, Student Welfare and Cultural Affairs
  9. Special Officer, Academic Monitoring Cell
  10. Special Officer, Post-Graduate Exams in including Professional Courses
  11. Nodal Officer
  12. Co-ordinator for Internal Quality Assurance Cell
  13. Special Officer, SC/ST Welfare Cell
  14. Special Officer, Women’s Welfare
  15. Special Officer, SVU School
  16. Director, Research
  17. Director, Community Development
  18. Director, Academic Affairs
  19. Director, Coordination
  20. Director, Hostel Affairs
  21. Public Relations Officer
  22. Director, Resource Mobilization
  23. Cultural Coordinator

Special Officer, Under Graduate Courses including Professional Courses University-Industry Interaction and consultancy

There is one Law Officer for the University appointed for a tenure period on a monthly honorarium basis.

Decision making process expand collapse

The procedure followed in the decision making process, including channels of supervision and accountability.
The file originates from the Junior Assistant through the Office/Section Superintendent. The Office/Sections Superintendent is supposed to go thoroughly and sends it to his next higher officer with us comments and recommendations. The concerned Asst.Admn.Officer and the Deputy Registrar are supposed to go through the current file as well as have file, interpret the rule position and forward the same with their concluding remarks clearly indicating as to whether it can be approved or not, so as to enable the Registrar/Vice-Chancellor to pass appropriate orders based on the concluding remarks of the AAO/Deputy Registrar without going through the entire note file. The accountability normally rests on all the persons through whom the file is processed i.e. from lower lever to higher level.

Administrative setup expand collapse

The Administrative setup in the University office is as detailed below:
  1. Vice-Chancellor
  2. Rector
  3. Registrar
  4. Joint Registrar
  5. Controller of Examinations
  6. Deputy Registrar
  7. Asst. Registrar/Asst.Admn.Officers
  8. Superintendents
  9. Senior Assistants
  10. Junior Assistants
  11. Office Subordinates (Attender)
The administrative set up in the University is decided into Six Branches as detailed below
  1. Examinations Branch headed by the Controller of Examination/Addl. Controller of Examinations, three Asst. Admn.Officers, 11 Superintendents and supporting staff.
  2. Finance Branch headed by the Deputy Registrar, 2 Asst.Admn.Officers, 8 Superintendents and supporting staff.
  3. Development Branch headed by the Development Officer with one Asst.Admn.Offices, three Superintendents and supporting staff.
  4. Academic Branch headed by the Deputy Registrar with one Asst.Admn.Officer, three Superintendents and supporting staff
  5. Administrative Branch headed by Joint Registrar with two Asst. Admn. Officers, 4 Superintendents and supporting staff.
  6. Special Cell Branch headed by the Deputy Registrar, one Asst.Admn.Officers, two Superintendents and supporting staff.

Rules and Regulations expand collapse

The rules & regulations, instructions manuals and records held by it are under its control, or used by its employees for discharging its functions.
In the University set up the Executive Council/Academic Senate frame Rules and regulations based on the instructions given by the Government through the Government orders from tile to time and the employees are discharging their duties within the frame work of the Rules and Regulations approved by the Executive Council/Academic Senate

The norms set by it are for the discharge of its functions. Immediate attention is given to process the file as quickly as possible at all levels without causing delay.

Public Information Officers expand collapse

S.No Name of the University Unit Public Information Officers Assistant Public Information Officers Subject Matters
1 Administration Branch.
  1. SVU Health Centre
  2. SVU Press.
  3. SVU Guest House.
  1. AAO (Teaching)
  2. AAO (Non-Teaching)
  3. APRO (Guest House)
All matters relating to Administration, SVU Press, SVU Guest House
2 Academic Branch Deputy Registrar (Academic) AAO (Academic) All matters relating to Academic Branch
3 Examination Branch Controller of Examinations
  1. AAO (PG)
  2. AAO (UG)
  3. AAO (Valuation)
All matters relating to Examination Branch
4 Finance and Accounts Branch Deputy Registrar (Finance)
  1. AAO (Finance-I)
  2. AAO (Finance-II)
All matters relating to Finance and Accounts Branch
5 Development Branch/ UGC matters Deputy Registrar AAO (Development) All matters relating to Development Branch & UGC
6 Special Cell and D Section Deputy Registrar (Spl Cell) - All matters relating to Special Cell and D Section
7 SVU College of Engineering Principal & Chief Warden
  1. Vice-Principal (For College)
  2. Warden (For Hostels)
All matters relating to SVU College of Engineering
8 SVU College of Arts Principal & Chief Warden
  1. Vice-Principal (For College)
  2. Warden (For Hostels)<
All matters relating to SVU College of Arts
9 SVU College of Sciences/ USIC Principal & Chief Warden
  1. Vice-Principal (For College)
  2. Warden (For Hostels)
All matters relating to SVU College of Sciences/ USIC
10 SVU College Commerce, Management & Computer Sciences Principal & Chief Warden
  1. Vice-Principal (For College)
  2. Warden (For Hostels)
All matters relating to SVU College of CM & CS
11 SVU College Women’s Hostels Warden Deputy Warden All matters relating to SVU College Women’s Hostels
12 SVU College Hostels for Research Scholars The concerned warden Deputy Warden All matters relating to SVU College Hostels for Research Scholars
13 Library Librarian I/c - All matters relating to SVU Library
14 Oriental Research Institute Director - All matters relating to Oriental Research Institute
15 Directorate of Distance Education Director Next Senior faculty Asst. Director All matters relating to Directorate of Distance Education
16 SVU Computer Centre Director System Manager All matters relating to SVU Computer Centre
17 Academic Staff College Director Asst. Director All matters relating to Academic Staff College
18 Directorate of Admissions Director Asst. Director All matters relating to Directorate of Admissions
19 Institute of Advanced Study in Education (IASE) Principal Vice-Principal IASE All matters relating to IASE
20 S.V.U Engineering Department University Engineer I/c
  1. Sri N. Vijaya Kumar Raju Construction
  2. Sri B. Prabhakaradu Electricals
All matters relating to SVU Engineering Department
21 SVU Campus School Headmaster I/c All matters relating to SVU School

Statements of different Bodies expand collapse

A statement of the Boards, Councils, Committees and other Bodies consisting of two or more persons constituted as its part or for the purpose of its advice, and as to whether meetings of those boards, councils, committees and other bodies are open to the public, or the minutes of such meetings are accessible for public.
The University has constituted several boards, committees for different purposes as detailed below.
  1. Planning and Monitoring Board for framing the Guidelines in the broader frame work.
  2. Finance Committee to examine all financial matters and to make suitable recommendations to the Executive Council.
  3. Work and Building Committee for Engineering Works
  4. Computer Committee for selection of configurations and purchase of computers
  5. Central Purchase Committee for purchase of General and Scientific Items
  6. Quarters allotment Committee for the allotment of quarters to the employees
  7. Canteen committee for the allotment of canteen in the University Campus
  8. Canteen committee for the allotment of canteen in the University Campus
  9. Selection committees for the appoints of both Teaching & Non-Teaching staff
  10. The above committees are not open to the public. Minutes of such meetings are not accessible for public.

Category of Documents expand collapse

A statement of the categories of documents that are held by it or under its control
  • a. Note files and current files
  • b. Service Registers
Permanent Registers/ Records such as tabulated marks/ tabulated result register, Cash Books, M Books, Log Books, Allotment cum Sanction Cum Payment Register, Objection Book, Advance Register, Advance Recoverable Registers, Fixed Deposit Registers etc.

Particulars of any arrangement expand collapse

The particulars of any arrangement that exists for consultation with, or Representation by the members of the public in relation to the formulation of its policy or implementation thereof;
The University gives attention to the representation received from the public and students welfare with regard to their admissions Hostel facilities, conducting of University Examinations, Publication of results and issue of certificates. In the recent past the University has an interaction brain storming session with local elite to seek their advice for the betterment in the functioning of the University and extend the benefits derived through various Research Programmes in portals of the University to the Society for the betterment of the living conditions of the people through innovative methods to be adopted in agriculture/industry.

May be obtained from university/Not Applicable expand collapse

May be obtained from University.
  1. A Directory of its Officers and Employees
  2. The monthly remuneration received by each of its officers and employees, including the system of compensation as provided in its regulations.
  3. The Budget allocated to each of its agency, indicating the particulars of all plans, proposed expenditure and reports on disbursement made

Not applicable.
  1. The manner of execution of subsidiary programmes, including the amounts allocated and details of beneficiary of such programmes
  2. Particulars of recipients of concessions, permits or authorizations granted by it
  3. Details in respect of the information, available to or held by its, reduced in an electronic form
  4. The particulars of facilities available to citizens for obtaining information, including the working hours of a library or reading room, if maintained for public use.

Powers & Duties of the Officers

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Sri Venkateswara University, Tirupati , is established in 1954 in the world famous holy temple town of Tirupati on the sprawling campus of 1000 acres with a panoramic and pleasant hill view.

The University stands as a testimony to the wisdom and foresight of great visionaries Late Sri Tanguturi Prakasam Pantulu, the then Chief Minister of Andhra and Late Sri Neelam Sanjiva Reddy, to cater the educational needs and aspirations of the people of Rayalaseema area. With a great wisdom, the founder of this University have rightly coined the motto Wisdom lies in proper perspective for it.

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